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Why FSBO Doesn't Work.

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Some home owners feel that using a Real Estate Agent will cost them money when doing home selling. sellers who decide to place their property "For Sale by Owner" (FSBO) make the decision based on saving the real estate commission. The fact is that the real estate buyer saves in a FSBO. Many buyers who approach sellers doing their own home selling realize there is no Realtor® commission and thus reduce any offer they may make by at least the amount of the commission. Typically, buyers won't even settle for half the commission reduction because they know it is the sellers, not the buyers, that pay the commission.

Most FSBO signs are replaced by Real Estate Agent signs because private home owners are seldom successful in selling their own home. FSBO signs attract bargain hunters, nosey neighbors, and unqualified buyers. If real estate sellers accept an offer they might find that the home for sale buyer views the offer differently and, without a Real Estate Agent's guidance, have greatly magnified the likelihood of a lawsuit. FSBO results in wasted time and effort, likelihood of legal problems, and failure as the bottom line.

What home selling services do you get for your Real Estate fee?

  • Expertise and advice on making your house more salable.
  • Advertising paid for by the agent.
  • Multiple Listing Service ( MLS) exposure.
  • Qualification of prospects before being shown your property.
  • Freedom to enjoy your time away from answering calls and showing your house.
  • Advice on offers and counter-offers.
  • Guidance and problem solving through escrow closing.

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