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Why Use a REALTOR®?

Real Estate AgentsThere are numerous homes for sale. The multiple listing service (known as the MLS) is what REALTORs® use to share Real Estate listings. Most Real Estate listing agreements charge a fee to the seller of 6% of the sales price; this rate is negotiable in most states. This fee covers the cost of the MLS listing, advertising, prospecting, showing, and guiding the closing of the property. Fortunately for home buyers, this fee is paid by the seller of the property. This means that real estate buyers have the luxury of using real estate agency services free of charge (unless a home buying service fee is agreed to).

When you search the MLS you get a recent list of homes on the market, however the list is slightly outdated because of the time it takes to transfer the listing information to the online system. As a result, homes newly listed often don't show in the online MLS for 48 hours or more. Likewise, homes that have sold typically take a couple days to be removed from the multiple listing site.

By using a qualified Real Estate Agent in the area that you are shopping you will have access to the most recent list of homes for sale. The local agents also know of homes that are in the process of being listed, giving you a jump on unrepresented home buyers. Your REALTOR® will also work hard on your behalf to show the property, get a legal offer accepted, and ensure a smooth closing.

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. Why risk the biggest investment of your lifetime? Discuss you needs with a qualified Real Estate Agent and enjoy the benefits of low cost expertise!

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